Jake VanderVaate

Hi, I'm Jake

I write, design, edit, and code

What I do


Whether writing technical documentation, proposals, resumes, or even for this website, I keep the audience in mind and address their needs. I see writing as a central component to how we communicate in the digital age. I live with a Chicago Manual of Style on my desk, and am constantly learning how I can write more effectively.


I have a keen eye for voice, tone, and grammar elements that can make writing sound unnatural, rough, or like it doesn't address the audience appropriately. Everyday I edit proposals, technical documents, and professional resumes. At the end of my process the writer has a document with a unified voice, concise language, and optimal language to meed the needs of their audience.


I truly enjoy making good-looking, easy-to-read documents, both for on and off-screen use. I use Adobe InDesign to make for-print documents like proposals, brochures, and resumes. I also make websites using responsive-design principles, to address all screen sizes.


I use Linux daily and have grown comfortable with its command-line environment and its benefits. I write Bash/shell scripts to automate tasks (I wrote the shell script I use to manage this website), and have even learned some Python to scrape websites, manipulate spreadsheets, and convert documents to different formats (several hundred at a time).