Jake VanderVaate

My Portfolio

My past work


UNT Techical Communication Website Audit Report

Me and two teamates performed a comprehensive review of the University of North Texas Technical Communication Program's website. We created spreadsheets where we catalogued the content for every page of the website to support our main report.

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iFixit Laptop Repair Guides

Me and two other teammates created a repair guide for a Toshiba Satellite P105-S6147 laptop. We created part-replacement guides for the RAM, keyboard, screen, cooling fan, and Motherboard.

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Mean Green Classic Flyer

This flyer promoted the University of North Texas' bike race the cycling club hosted in 2019. The poster presented all relevant details about the races while adhering to university guidelines.

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My Website

I hand-built this website with HTML and CSS when I decided that I wanted more control over the design and layout of my website than previous system allowed. Since moving to my current website I've made small changes and optimizations as I learn more about web design.

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